Mountfield MM2605 trimmer, hedge cutter & pole pruner multi-tool

Mountfield MM2605 5-in-1 Multi-tool

Part Number: 5M-287120153/M16

RRP £331.99 (inc vat)


The versatile 5 in 1 Multi-Tool is powered by a Mountfield two-stroke engine. After mixing petrol and oil at a ratio of 40:1, the only head-scratching will be deciding which tool to fix and use first. You have a choice: use the Tap & Go nylon head for grass trimming; the 3 toothed metal blade for cutting those scratchy brambles and other rough vegetation; trim up your hedges with a 40cm wide hedge trimmer; use the 25cm pole pruner chainsaw head to clear a few low branches or fit the 70cm extension pole to reach even higher.

It’s easy to swap heads, the MM2605 5 in 1 is comfortable using the single harness (included) and each and every tool is effective. Petrol to Oil Ratio: 40:1 Product Dimensions with various attachments: Length of Unit as a Pole Pruner - 207cm Length of Unit as a Pole Pruner with extension pole - 277cm Length of Unit as a Hedge Trimmer - 226cm Length of Unit as a Hedge Trimmer with extension pole - 296cm


work_size Hedge trimmer: 40 cm, Pruner: 25 cm
fuel 2-stroke
power 24.5cc Mountfield
handle Loop
shaft Straight
harness Single strap
start Pull (recoil)

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